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Education: The Neuro Frontier Summit Legacy

This is a list of what each of the speakers has said is their vision for education.

What has the Education: The Neuro Frontier Summit inspired you to do? What change/s are you going to make in the next 6-12 months?

Your “Summit Pledge” will be your contribution to “The Summit Legacy” – a combined WordCloud of all attendee’s pledges demonstrating the impact and inspired actions as a result of the Education: The Neuro Frontier Summit.

All pledged actions will be displayed as a WordCloud at the end of the Summit, which will help us to visualise what people will be doing to move towards a ‘neuro era’ of education where every child might reach their full potential.

The WordCloud requires individual words.  So please share 1-5 words which summarise the actions you are going to take.

Share my Legacy Pledges

Education: The Neuro Frontier Summit

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