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Structural (bodywork) therapies

The ‘brain-body contract’ helps to explain the influence of a freely and fully functioning body on the optimal functioning of the brain, and vice versa.

Movement is crucial to the well functioning of the brain.  It is important for our brain to know where each part of our body is in space, as this ability helps to keep our brain well-calibrated; and this means that ensuring that all parts of our body are in their correct place is a great help to a brain – it helps us to have a much more accurate picture of the world (our vicinity), and where we are in it..  For example a twisted spine or uneven hips are going to give inaccurate information to the brain (which tends to assume these are in their correct position and will calculate movements from this).  Inaccuracies (mis-calibrations) can lead to issues such as clumsiness or discomfort, which can, in turn, lead to issues such as anxiety (due to not feeling confident in our own body).

Therapies such as chiropractic, osteopathy and craniosacral fascial therapy and others, can really help to ‘put things where they belong’, and thus can assist with a better informed (and thus more accurate and confident) brain.

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