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There are answers out there, and where there are answers there is hope.

Neuro Frontiers’ intention is to bring answers and hope to people, increasing quality of life for them and their families and providing a bridge between the general public and the amazing research and neuroplasticity therapies being practised out there. hghhg

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6th August 2021

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Answers & Hope Charity.
Raising funds for research into neurological conditions.

The charity has been set up by Gemma Herbertson, founder of Neuro Frontiers, with Birinder Kang and Graeme Clark. The aim of this charity is to raise funds for research into neurological conditions, especially research which relates to neuroplasticity therapies.


What our clients say about us.


What our clients say about us.

Gemma has an incredible wealth of knowledge in and around the world of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, not only from qualifications but through avid and wide literary research and interactions with academics and experience with numerous clients."

S.A. Salisbury, UK