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Our courses and workshops

  • Are you a parent, carer or professional looking to find out more about various aspects of neuroplasticity therapies?
  • Our courses and workshops are a great place to start your journey and extend your knowledge on various topics.
  • Most of our courses and workshops include an introduction to a topic, an overview of the history and uses, practical tips, sharing of experience, and the science behind the subject.
  • The courses give a useful grounding, and also give suggestions of where you might like to go next to expand your knowledge and training even further.
  • A certificate of attendance is provided for each of our courses and workshops.

Disclaimer: None of our courses constitutes nor substitutes medical advice.  Everyone is an individual, and you are advised to always seek advice from a suitably qualified healthcare professional for the treatment of any medical condition. 

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Our courses.

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Fermented Food Workshop

This practical and fun online 3-hour course takes you through the steps for how to create delicious fermented foods in your own kitchen. You will also learn some great facts about the history of fermented foods, why they can be so good for you (including for brain health) and then we will chop, sprinkle and bash our way through a guided practical session, where together we will make several different fermented foods – including food and drinks.

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ANI Diet & Lifestyle

Gain some great insight into how the ANI (Anti-Neuro-inflammatory) diet works, practical tips for creating and living an anti-neuro-inflammatory lifestyle.

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