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Neuroplasticity Therapies

Neuroplasticity Therapies is an umbrella term for therapies which aim to positively influence brain function and performance.  Whether you are looking to get your brain to its peak performance, or are looking for help with more serious neurological issues, click on the tiles below to find out about the therapeutic interventions which may help to create, restore, improve and maintain brain function and performance (the four principle purposes of neuroplasticity therapies).

What are neuroplasticity therapies?

Definition of what ‘neuroplasticity therapies’ are; and the therapies it includes.

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Lifestyle interventions

Find out how diet, sleep, exercise, nature, daylight, your environment, intellectual stimulation, relationships, etc can all make a difference to brain health and performance.

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Movement-based therapies

The use of your body has huge impact on the functioning of your brain. Find out how posture and movements can be used to assess and remedy brain performance.

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Sensory therapies

Discover the auditory, visual, tactile, proprioceptive, olfactory (scent), gustatory (taste), and other sensory therapies being used as neuroplasticity therapies to influence brain function.

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Structural (bodywork) therapies

The ‘brain-body contract’ helps to explain the influence of a freely and fully functioning body on the optimal functioning of the brain, and vice versa. Find information on the bodywork therapies which aim to assist in optimising this ‘contract’.

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Vestibular (balance) therapies

Many brain functions depend on a well-calibrated vestibular system. Explore the therapies addressing the fascinating relationship between our physical balance with our emotional balance, level of confidence, ability to be organised, and other feelings, behaviours and abilities.

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