17th - 21st January 2022

How can the world of neuroscience help every child to reach their full potential?

Explore the role of Neuroplasticity Therapies at Education: The Neuro Frontier Summit.

  • 34 experts from academia, education and clinical practice
  • Full of information, practical tips and resources for you to take away and use!
  • Daily live sessions for networking and support
  • 30 session topics including neuroplasticity, how we learn, children’s sleep, functional neurology, meditation, fascia, movement therapies, embodied learning, vision therapies, auditory therapies, scent therapy, real life inspirational stories from schools and parents, and more
  • For parents, educators, therapists and researchers

Learn more about how the brain works, and what it needs to function optimally, and how this all can be translated into helping your children – at home, at school or in your practice.

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The summit is FREE for everyone, but for the true Summit experience upgrade to an all access account.

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