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Brain Breaks

Activities and ideas to help your brain to relax into the diffuse mode, allowing new connections to be made and for the learning to be embedded in your brain….neuroplasticity in action!

As our Summit guests have been telling us, we learn better when we provide ‘diffuse mode’ moments for our brains in-between each session of learning.  So, between watching each of the videos, use one of these sessions to let your brain take a break from the learning you are doing, so that you can lay down better memories and get your brain ready for your next bout of learning.

Unwind your mind

Pandiculation (gentle stretching and unwinding) session with Christine Holefelder

Lying down pandiculation/unwinding session

Mindful Meditation

Short meditation session with Prof Marilee Bresciani Ludvik

Watch video

The Listening Programme

Free sessions for 7 days courtesy of Alex Doman of The Listening Programme – use code BRAIN21.

Try this auditory session for 15 minutes each day for seven days. You can also set up trials for your family and get an experience. Use the best quality headphones you have available. Set aside 15 minutes without distraction. Close your eyes, connect to the music and just experience how it makes you feel, make notes about what you’re feeling. If you have children doing this, they can color or do other fine motor activities (like arts and crafts) whilst they’re listening.

Find out more

Take a 20 minute walk

Ideally in nature, without music nor using your phone.

Take a 20 minute nap

Just 20 minutes of light sleep (no longer or you will go into deep sleep)

Yoga Nidra

Relax with this Yoga Nidra session

Scent Therapy

Use smells good for learning and memory, e.g. mandarin, orange, peppermint or rosemary (use real foods and plants or organic essential oils). Waft under your nose and take three inhalations (sniffs) with the nose.