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Answers & Hope Charity

Answers & Hope is the nominated charity of Neuro Frontiers (UK charity number: 1200223). This charity raises funds for research into neurological conditions; and, in particular, research related to neuroplasticity therapies.

Current project: The Exchange Breathing Method: a non-invasive, drug-free method for stopping a seizure

Stopping a seizure in its tracks can bring about huge quality of life changes for individuals and their loved ones.

Around the globe, hundreds of people are using Exchange Breathing Method as an emergency way to halt a seizure in someone they care for. It is a drug-free and extremely easy to administer seizure rescue method.

We are delighted to announce that research on the Exchange Breathing Method is now taking place by researchers from Harvard Medical School, University of Central Florida College of Medicine and the Carrick Institute, USA.  Please register your interest in taking part here.

It has been the Charity’s ambition for clinical trials to be carried out on this method, with the eventual dream that it becomes a worldwide ‘go to’ method for stopping a seizure: a first aid procedure which almost anyone can easily administer.

50 million people worldwide suffer from epilepsy – this is a lot of lives which could benefit from this quality of life-changing method.

The fundraising target for this project is $200,000; and monies raised via this link will go towards university-based clinical trials for the method. The aims of the research are:

  1. To understand the mechanisms behind why the Exchange Breathing Method works
  2. To provide evidence so that the Exchange Breathing Method might become the worldwide first option as a seizure first aid method

If you are able to make a donation, however small, we will be enormously grateful.

Make a donation here

More about Answers & Hope

The Trustees of Answers & Hope are Gemma Herbertson, Founder of Neuro Frontiers and neuroplasticity therapies specialist; Birinder Kang, who has a background in law; and Dr Graeme Clark, a senior scientist.  All three Trustees are parents of children with special needs.  Between them, they have a wide range of experiences, skills and training relating to neuroplasticity therapies; and all of their children have taken part in treatment and rehabilitation regimes which have included these life-changing therapies.

With regards to the current funding project on the Exchange Breathing Method, all of the Trustees have children who have had or still have seizures.  This means they know how heart-breaking, adrenaline-fuelled and absolutely exhausting a life with seizures can be; and how important it is to research and promote a method to bring relief from this.