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Anti-Neuro-Inflammatory (ANI) Diet Course

In this single session you will learn some of the history and principles behind the diet.  The session will then go on to discuss some of the ingredients used in the diet, and how these can be incorporated into foods to eat in a daily diet.

This course is for individuals wanting ideas for foods and recipes for an anti-neuro-inflammatory diet (ANI Diet).

Session elements

It will include:

  • Overview of the ANI (Anti-Neuro-inflammatory) diet
  • Practical tips for creating and living an anti-neuro-inflammatory lifestyle
  • Recipe ideas

Course delivery

The session is delivered via pre-recorded video. A Q&A session is also available.

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    Disclaimer: None of our courses constitutes nor substitutes medical advice.  Everyone is an individual, and you are advised to always seek advice from a suitably qualified healthcare professional for the treatment of any medical condition.