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Raising awareness and use of Neuroplasticity Therapies.

Neuroplasticity therapies are a very exciting field of research and practice.

The ambition of Neuro Frontiers is to bring the tools, information, resources and practical solutions to people around the world; with a vision to give millions of people the ability to have a brain which is functioning at its optimal level.

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Neuro Frontiers is for:

  • Individuals
  • Parents/Carers
  • Therapists
  • Researchers
  • Educationalists
  • And anyone else interested in their brain or wanting to help others to enhance theirs.
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Answers & Hope Charity.
Raising funds for research into neurological conditions.

The charity has been set up by Gemma Herbertson, founder of Neuro Frontiers, with Birinder Kang and Graeme Clark. The aim of this charity is to raise funds for research into neurological conditions, especially research which relates to neuroplasticity therapies.

The history of Neuro Frontiers

My name is Gemma Herbertson and I am the founder of Neuro Frontiers. The seeds of this initiative started in early 2014 when searching for answers for my then four year-old son, who was recovering from some hefty brain surgery which had left him with a mental age of just a few months. Years of research into what could improve his quality of life brought the revelation that if the brain could be fuelled and stimulated specifically for an individual, there was a much greater chance of that person’s brain being able to function to its optimum; and this had huge ramifications for my son – it gave me hope that he could do more, and that his quality of life could be improved. There was no time to waste – and I immediately set out on an amazing journey into the world of Neuroplasticity Therapies – a journey that would change my son’s life, change the quality of our family life, and change my life and career as well.

I have ended up completely retraining (an ever-ongoing mission), learning so much along the way, and meeting some incredible people. Not only an incredible bunch of inspirational, super-motivated parents on similar journeys, but also some brilliant minds around the world, and these people are doing wonderful work figuring out how to assess and treat people with neurological issues. My son’s recovery was dramatic – so much so that, at one point, his neurosurgeon asked me to come and talk with him about how this transformation had come about! My son is now a complete chatterbox, he runs, skips, climbs, is continent, his eye is straight, and he has been seizure-free since May 2017.

Seeing first-hand, what Neuroplasticity Therapies have contributed to my son’s quality of life, I now feel very committed to raising awareness of Neuroplasticity Therapies to more people. This is the silver lining to my journey; and a key aim of Neuro Frontiers is to be like a torch, shining light on the incredible people and neuroplasticity therapies out there.